The Toverboom playgroup

Up to four mornings a week, toddlers aged two and a half to four years come here to discover themselves, others and the world around them. The Toverboom playgroup fits in with the method (classical) education flow within KC Aan de Oosterplas. Children can move on to school in a pleasant way when they are four, because they are already familiar with the environment, people and the way things are done. De Toverboom is a VVE-location which means, among other things, that much individual attention is paid to language development.

Development programme: get to know yourself

It is important that children learn early on that they can be who they are, in their own unique way. Their uniqueness and the self-confidence they gain from this is something we help children with here. By really seeing them and helping them to become aware of who they are. But also by following their rhythm and starting from their intrinsic interest in learning new things. At Toverboom, we work with a VVE development programme that pays attention to the different levels of development of a child. These levels are the body, the senses, creativity, intuition and consciousness. In order to stimulate these levels, we play all kinds of games and activities. Toddlers learn by moving and feel the confidence to experiment. Sometimes we do yoga, other times we do dance and other times we visualise things. Creativity is also part of our regular programme. The themes of the seasons, love or nature inspire us to think up creative activities with the children. Crafts, plays and music. It is all possible!

Opening days and times

Toverboom is open four mornings a year for 40 weeks from 08.30 to 12.30 hrs. We are closed on Fridays and during all school holidays. LRK number: 126424305 Telephonenumber: 073 6125282

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