Zonnelicht day-care centre

Zonnelicht day-care centre

Zonnelicht day-care centre in Den Bosch near the Oosterplas is a special place. Every day, children are guided to develop themselves. This guidance happens very consciously with a lot of attention for the natural rhythm of the child. In a beautiful place with lots of green, attention to sustainability and room to explore. Our mission? Happy, loving and self-aware children who make this world a little better.

Extensive development programme

In the early years, children lay the foundations for their personalities. Self-confidence, self-awareness and social skills all find their origin in that first period. That is why it is important to deal with this consciously at the day-care. At Zonnelicht, we use the ‘Rainbow Programme’. This development programme is meant to give children experiences from which they get to know their own qualities and encounter their own limits. Thus, from an early age, children are engaged in social and moral education, creative and intuitive development. The pedagogical programme at our day-care centre in Den Bosch makes use of various pedagogical methods such as anthroposophy, the Montessori method, Emmi Pikkler and Solter. All the child needs is the confidence, attention, encouragement and challenge to get to know himself, others and the world.

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Zonnelicht: Loving & self-aware team

The team is expert and enters into a unique loving relationship with each child, with an eye for what the child needs. From their role model role, the pedagogical employees spend a lot of time on their own development and professional skills. Preparing and offering focused developmental activities, music, dance, play and challenges are addressed daily. The team works together intensively to provide development in all areas – with pleasure!

“At Zonnelicht there is genuine attention to the needs of the child.”

Parents of Bas van Kampen – Vlijmen

Partnership with parents

We also regularly offer courses and workshops on parenting to parents. Think about nutrition, setting loving boundaries or promoting self-reliance in children.

Green, healthy & sustainable

Nature is our field of exploration, the place where we enjoy ourselves and where we are in contact with the world. We teach children all kinds of things about nature at the nursery. Every week, the toddlers are taught about animals at the children’s farm. How to look after plants and animals with love. And also how to treat them sustainably so that future generations can also enjoy them. At our location, there is a lot of attention for the outdoors with the natural playground and the vegetable garden. The children can also often be found at the petting zoo at the Oosterplas, with the gnome wood and butterfly garden. Of course, our nutrition policy also pays a lot of attention to sustainable and healthy food.

Opening days and times

We are open 50 weeks a year on working days from 08.00 to 18.00. Zonnelicht is closed on the following days: Summer closing (8 August to 12 August 2022) Study days (3 March to 5 March 2022) Christmas holidays (26 December to 30 December 2022)

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