Playgroup fees 2023

From 1 January 2011, the conditions and rates as laid down in the municipal policy for pre-school facilities apply. The net amount you pay monthly depends on what you can get back from the tax authorities. You can make a trial calculation on the website of the tax authorities via this link. You can also call the Tax Administration on 0800-0543 (free of charge).

The annual rate which has been determined by the municipality for the care of your child at the playgroup is 2,870.40 for two half-days (8 hours). The hourly rate for the playgroup is €8,97. The monthly contribution of €239,20 depends on the category in which you as a parent fall:

Category 1:
You are a double earner and are covered by the Wet Kinderopvang (Childcare Act), you are responsible for the monthly total and you can use the childcare allowance to reduce your own contribution depending on your joint income.

Category 2:
You do not fall under the Wet Kinderopvang and your place is in principle subsidised by the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, but you are obliged to pay your income-related parental contribution (see the table below).

Net qualifying incomeYearly rate first child Yearly rate second child
< € 26.757freefree
€ 26.757 - € 31.648€ 137,60€ 118,40
€ 31.649 - € 43.550€ 294,40€ 147,20
€ 43.551 - € 59.235€ 460,80€ 150,40
€ 59.236 - € 85.146€ 800,00€ 224,00
€ 85.147 - € 117.989€ 1.356,80€ 348,80
> € 117.989€ 1.804,80€ 649,60
The above annual rates apply to a toddler package of 2 half-day sessions per week at a regular (non-VE) location and to a toddler package of 3 or 4 half-day sessions per week at a VVE location, provided that the parents do not fall under the Wet Kinderopvang. Parents who simultaneously have more than one child in a toddler package pay a lower rate for the second or subsequent child.

Prices playgroup package ‘t Rozenpoortje

‘t Rozenpoortje we take into account the school hours of primary school De Driestroom. For this reason different annual rates apply for ‘t Rozenpoortje. These can be requested from our administration. The hourly rate is the same. This is € 8.97.


If your child does not make use of the reserved care days due to illness, holidays, generally recognised holidays or for any other reason, there is no entitlement to a discount or compensation.

All offers and agreements are subject to the general terms and conditions of Zonnelicht Kindcentrum B.V., which include the general terms and conditions of the Branch Association of entrepreneurs in childcare and the additional conditions of Zonnelicht Kindcentrum B.V.

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