Application for KDV, BSO or PSZ

You can apply for the day-care centre, BSO or playgroup by filling in the application form below. When this form is completed and sent, our administration will contact you to confirm that the application has been received in good order. In addition, it is sometimes nice to discuss a few things about the application.

Intake and familiarisation

Starting somewhere new when you are so young can be quite exciting for you and your child. We therefore devote a great deal of time and attention to the settling-in period.

Zonnelicht will invite you as a parent(s) to come to the group with your child for two one-and-a-half-hour sessions to get used to the care. This usually takes place three to four weeks before the care officially starts (depending on the time of registration). This gives children and parents the opportunity to get used to the surroundings, the leaders, the other children and the way things are done in the group. During the first settling-in appointment, there is an intake interview with parent(s). During this meeting, we discuss, for example, feeding and sleeping times and specific points of attention.

For the toddlers, there are two sessions of two hours for familiarisation.

At the start of the 4-5 year olds, the children can come and have lunch with their parents to get to know the group, the group room and the leader.