Are you going to develop at Zonnelicht?

Zonnelicht has over 35 years of experience and is still growing in knowledge and stability. It offers children from 3 months to twelve years everything they need. Peace, safety, challenge and affirmation. Sport, exercise, creativity and relaxation. Activities that suit their needs, interests and individual development, because every child is different. Zonnelicht helps children to gain experiences that lead to self-awareness and self-expression.

Our offer

  • First 3 years individual guidance and coaching (traineeship).
  • Annually 3 to 4 training sessions and plenty of opportunities for self-expression and personal growth to put yourself in your power as a person and to bring this out in children.
  • Working in a self-managing team.
  • In conformity with terms of employment and salary CAO Kinderopvang.
    Zonnelicht is characterised by in-depth training and individual attention on the work floor.

Open application

Zonnelicht is always looking for new colleagues that want to invest into personal growth, to be able to give children experiences that lead to self-expression. If you are interested by seeing the information on the website, please send an open application to: and we are glad to meet you.