Pre-school playgroup 

Pre-school playgroup Den Bosch

At the Zonnelicht playgroups in Den Bosch, toddlers from two and a half to four years old can discover themselves, others and the world step by step. All attention is paid to consciously guiding the development of the children. With the extensive development programme, children get to know their qualities, they know how to express themselves and they are taught important values. The peace and quiet in the group means that children learn to concentrate and focus on their work.

Zonnelicht has three different playgroups in Den Bosch which are in cooperation with the two surrounding schools. These are the Rozenpoortje (anthroposophical), the Tierlantijn (Montessori) and the Toverboom (Methodical). The pedagogical policy of the playgroups is in line with the working method of the schools and forms a continuous learning line. This gives parents the opportunity to choose a school for their child that fits in with the educational method.

Discovering together at the playgroup

Our playgroups in Den Bosch are an ideal place for your toddler to get to know friends. With us, your toddler learns how to make contact with others and how to play together on the basis of a connection. But also how your toddler can set limits and stay true to itself in contact with others. There is plenty of room for playing together and we learn songs and rhymes together. We offer the children structure so that they can discover the world around them in a quiet, familiar setting and build up a bond with it. To be able to stand in the world empathically. Within that structure, there is much attention for self-expression, creativity and fun.

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