Personal attention & love

Every child is unique and has its own unique needs. That is why babies receive a lot of personal attention and care at the day-care. The regular teachers that work in the groups ensure a familiar environment for you and your child. A baby’s natural rhythm of sleeping and eating is followed. At the baby groups, the little ones are provided with rest and relaxation. But the most important thing for a young baby is love and attention. Our baby techers can give this like no other. Emotional security is one of a baby’s basic needs. For example, we never let babies cry in their beds, because a baby often wants to indicate something by crying.

Extensive development programme

In order to be able to respond well to the developmental needs of the children, a conscious choice was made for baby groups and toddler groups (horizontal). For example, we offer the toddlers many activities in groups of three or four children so that they get plenty of attention and rest, within the Rainbow Programme in which we stimulate the various areas of a child’s development. In the first two years, a baby becomes aware of its body and senses. Every day, children between the ages of one and two are offered climbing and clambering activities. The materials in the physical development area are age-appropriate. The senses are stimulated and appealed to by allowing them to feel, smell and see. In addition, we go outside every day to allow the children to experience nature sensorially in the baby garden. The baby leaders follow the child’s natural daily rhythm with regard to sleeping and eating times and observe individual needs, looking at the development of the child’s whole personality.

“Patient, sweet and warm to the children, not a moment brought with doubt.”

Parents of Kiki Brouwers – Rosmalen

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