Day-care rates 

Day-care rates 2023

All packages are charged in 12 monthly instalments. The net amount you pay each month depends on what you can get back from the tax authorities. You can make a trial calculation on the website of the tax authorities via
this link. You can also call the tax authorities on 0800-0543 (free of charge).
Price is based on 50 weeksHours per yearPrice per monthPrice per hourNational standard
1 day (50 weeks from 08.00 - 18.00u) 500€ 430,45€ 10,33€ 9,12
(2 weeks of Zonnelicht being closed in the summer and Christmas are not billed)

A calculation example:

As parents you have a joint income of € 65,000. The percentage of the state contribution is according to the KOT benefits table 2023 for these parents 76,4%.
Parents require 1 day of day-care:

Monthly price Zonnelicht: (10*50)/12 * € 10.33 = € 430.45
Government reimbursement: (10*50)/12 * € 9,12 * 76.4% = € 290.32

Parent’s own contribution: € 430.45 – € 290.32 = € 140.13

Additional services

We offer the possibility of acquiring additional services on an occasional basis. These extra services can be requested through our administration. The administration will inform you whether the extra care is possible. The costs for extra care or other extra services will be charged to you afterwards. The hours of extra care are included in the annual statement.
Extra service Hours per dayPrice per extra servicePrice per hour
1 extra day part (08.00 - 13.00h
of 13.00 - 18.00h)
5€ 51,65€ 10,33


If your child does not make use of the reserved care days due to illness, holidays, generally recognised holidays or for any other reason, there is no entitlement to a discount or compensation.

All offers and agreements are subject to the general terms and conditions of KDV Zonnelicht B.V., which include the general terms and conditions of the Branch Association of Entrepreneurs in Childcare as well as the additional conditions of KDV Zonnelicht B.V.

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