Playgroup de Tierlantijn

Next to Kindcentrum Aan de Oosterplas is the Tierlantijn playgroup. Up to four mornings a week, toddlers aged two and a half to four years come here to discover themselves, others and the world around them. The Tierlantijn playgroup has a Montessori character and is therefore in line with the Montessori education flow within KC Aan de Oosterplas. Children can move on to school in a pleasant way when they are four, because they are already familiar with the environment, people and way of working. The Tierlantijn is a VVE-location, which means that a lot of individual attention is paid to language development.

A Montessori character

At the Tierlantijn, the Montessori character can be seen in the group, in our activities and in our teachers. For example, one of the Montessori principles is: help me to do it myself. Our teachers follow the children and stimulate them to discover and experience at their own pace. In addition, materials are offered with which the children can work independently. The group space is always prepared so that it is stimulating for children and challenges them to explore on their own. For example, the group has a maths, language, reading & crafts and group table. Children also participate in practical life activities such as sweeping, washing up and all kinds of other practical things. Space, rest and regularity are essential in Montessori and the trained Montessori teachers ensure that the morning is well organised and inspiring.

Opening days and times

The Tierlantijn is open four mornings a year for 40 weeks, from 08.30 to 12.30. We are closed on Fridays and during all school holidays.

LRK number: 103294375
Telephonenumber: 073-6134601

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